Euro Farm

The company “Euro Farm” was established in 2012 and since then has been successfully working in agricultural sector. The founder of the company is “Silk Water Group”, an international agro-company that has great experience in planning and implementation of agriculture projects all around the world. Also, company’s in-house water management professionals will offer you complete water management solutions, including water infrastructure construction, advanced irrigation systems, water storage solutions and other water solutions specifically tailored to match your farm’s needs. specialists will design and construct for you the perfect greenhouse facilities, while taking into account various characteristics of your farm (i.e. total land area, climate conditions, soil conditions, crops selection, lighting, etc.).

Our advanced heavy machinery, operated by Silk Water Group’s highly experienced operators, is equipped with state-of-the-art GPS-based 3-D mapping technologies, enabling us to accurately monitor and track every stone and each tree in you land, thus ensuring that your project is executed exactly as designed.

Company’s activities mainly include distributing a wide range of products of fruits and vegetables and collaboration with “Silk Water Group” in implementing various agro projects in Georgia, such as development of greenhouse farming and irrigation systems, promoting production of lucrene and etc. We are constantly using clients’ customized and upgraded strategies, such as online ordering system. Accordingly, we introduce best methods of delivering those orders. This system proves to be very flexible and simple to directly adapt to customer specific requests. “Euro Farm”, therefore, guarantees constant provision and supply of qualitative products. Management of the company and logistics team is focused on establishing effective communication with customers. Accordingly, we pay special attention to the needs of our customers. We provide constant monitoring and therefore, maintain high quality service. Organizational structure of the company, such as sales, marketing and logistics, ensures stable development in every segment. We are stablishing successful and renewed working model, which is an online ordering system. The warehouse of “Euro Farm”, located in Tbilisi, Orkhevi settlement, is equipped with modern technologies, including special equipment needed for refrigerated farms. Today, our distribution network covers more than 100 units across Georgia.